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“Audio Restoration is a modern day miracle! Winterwood Recording Studios
saved the day and our valuable family recordings! Now it sounds as
though grandpa is alive again in our own living room.”

Audio Restoration
With the passage of time, many Valuable or Sentimental Recordings that have been locked away in family closets or in corporate vaults are approaching the end of their lives.

For over ten years, Winterwood Recording Studios has been helping the owners of such treasures by providing Audio Restoration Services for archival purposes or for the joy of simply hearing their Recordings the way they sounded when they were new. Whether it’s an old Record, Tape or Wire Recordings, they can be cleaned up, De-Clicked, De-Noised, and Sonically Enhanced before being transferred to CD. Have an old Mono Recording you would like us to turn into Stereo? We can do it!

Pricing varies according to the size and complexity of the job.

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Please go to for an in depth view of their credits, services, and facilities. Also, check out Winterwood Lakeside Cottage for overnight accommodations while recording.

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Winterwood Recording Studios
| Full Multi Track Recording Services | Studio Mixing of Outside Projects
Studio Editing of Outside Projects
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