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“There seems to by a new wave of Entertainers rolling our way. They are no longer
content to sit home waiting for the right breaks to knock on their doors. Now, Musicians
and Songwriters alike are looking to Music Business Consultants, Entertainment
Industry Consulting and Music Business Advisors, Educators and Seminars for the
information they need to take them to the top.”

What Happens During Your Music Consulting Session?
Your Consulting Session is really quite simple and usually takes about two hours for either of the Subject Areas that you might choose. During that time you will have a chance to tell your business consultant about your particular situation. He will then tailor your consultation to address your needs. You may ask as many questions as you wish pertaining to the subject at hand during your consultation.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone or in person at our offices. Our office address will be provided at the time your session appointment is made. A credit card number will be required to secure your consulting session and to discourage "No Shows."

Be assured that your consultation and discussions with your consultant will remain private and will be held in confidence.

What Must I Do To Set Up A Business Consulting Session?
Setting up your own private telephone or in person Consulting Session is as easy as Contacting Advantage Music Consultants by phone or e-mail. (We like the phone better because we get a chance to find out more about you). After that, we’ll do the rest!


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