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Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC has a great deal to offer Performing Artists and Songwriters alike, but we aren’t Music Lawyers and we can’t give you legal advice. You’ll have to pay someone else a lot more for that than what you’ll pay us for our services. There is, however, something we can offer that most of the brightest lawyers on the planet can’t.

When it comes to knowing the Music Business and Entertainment Industry, sometimes first hand experience is more valuable than a law degree. If you need a legal opinion, you need an Entertainment Attorney. If you need someone to show you how to get Band Gigs or how to position yourself to get a Record Deal, get the Advantage and call us. Most of the Music Business Lawyers we know do great work and can offer you their opinions of Music Publishing / Recording Contracts, but very few can tell you how to go about getting them.

So, just to keep things above board, Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC won't offer you legal advice or opinions. No one at our company is an Entertainment Attorney or pretends to be one, but we do care about your dreams. We also know how to return phone calls and answer your emails. Oh, we also have had more real-life experience in the Music Industry than almost anyone else you might know.

A few of our consulting topics include:

Promoting Your Act / Gigging
The Best Ways To Promote Your Band
Getting More Band Gigs (Band Jobs)
What Does A Music Manager Do And How To Find One
What Does A Booking Agent Do And How To Find One

Getting Signed To A Record Label
Finding Record Producers
What Do A&R People Do?
Finding A Recording Studio You Can Trust
How To Go About Making A Demo Recording
How To Go About Making A Master Recording

Songwriting / Publishing / Copyrights
The Right Way To Copyright Your Song
How To “Sell” Your Song
What Does A Music Publisher Do?
Finding A Music Publisher
What Are Performance Rights Organizations?
Song Royalties – Where Do They Come From ?
How Many Types of Song Royalties Are There?
How Can I Earn Them?

For additional information on what we do, please Contact Us or refer to our Services Page.

How to find band gigs and recording contracts, How to find a booking agent

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