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The Staff at Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC takes pride in anticipating what we think your needs might be and providing you with the most recent and relevant information pertaining to the Music Business and Entertainment Industry. We hope that the Questions and Answers below will give you a clear insight into what we do, how we do it and how our background and experience can benefit your Music Career. If you still have questions about The Advantage and what we do, please contact us.

What is Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC?
We are a small start-up company that evolved to meet the needs of both Performing Artists and Songwriters. We offer private one-on-one Consulting Sessions pertaining to the Business of Music and the Entertainment Industry. Over the years, it has become evident to us that Artists and Composers alike continue to live in a state of frustration because of their inability to get ahead in their chosen field of Music. We have also noticed that this inability is directly related to their lack of knowledge regarding the industry as well as their lack of a well thought out business plan. In our opinion, such Artists and Songwriters are doomed to fail and we don’t like seeing that happen. Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC specializes in helping Musicians, Vocalist and Writers by providing knowledge about the business and advice in planning.

What Subject Areas are covered in A Consulting Session?
We focus on two main Subject Areas…One directed at Performing Artists (Bands, Soloists and Duos) and the other aimed at Songwriters and Composers. Performing Artists are counseled in Artist Promotion and Booking Tactics that will lead to more and better band gigs and will put them before Record Companies who are looking to sign fresh talent. Songwriters and Composers are consulted in Copyright Procedures, Music Publishers, Music Publishing Contracts, Song Royalties, Performance Rights Organizations and more. Each Subject Area provides a working knowledge of that subject and, if practiced, will accelerate Performing and Writing careers. For additional information on what our consultations include, please refer to our Services Page.

Are you a bunch of Lawyers?
No, we are not. Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC consists of a very small group of people, a lot like the ones we hope to attract. We are Performing Artists and Songwriters who were so frustrated with our own careers that we taught ourselves the business, came up with a plan and met with success. Our entire staff graduated from the University of Hard Knocks. We are not Attorneys.

How does a Consulting Session work?
Consulting sessions are private and can be done over the phone or in our office. Each Session usually lasts for about two hours, during which time we will give you a crash course in your chosen Subject Area(s). During your session, you may also ask us as many questions as you would like pertaining to the subject at hand. To arrange a Session, simply Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will set up a date and time of your Consultation that works for you. We will charge a deposit to your credit card at that time to discourage “No Shows.”

With whom will I consult?
Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC is the brainchild of Eric T. Schabacker, a veteran of the industry. Your Consultation will be a private, one-on-one session with him. For a very long list of credits and credentials, please follow the link to Meet Your Consultant. We couldn’t easily list them all here.

How much does a Consulting Session cost?
There are currently two Subject Areas that we focus on. (See above: What Subject Areas are covered in Consulting Sessions? or link to the Subject Area on our Services Page) The cost of each session is $125.00 and lasts about two hours.

How many Consulting Sessions do I need?
There are two main Subject Areas currently available…One directed at Performing Artists (Bands, Soloists and Duos) and another aimed at Songwriters and Composers (See Above). Even though you may not be both an Artist and a Songwriter, it is suggested that you take both Consulting Sessions. The reasoning behind this is simple: The Music Business is a two sided business…Artists and Writers…you can’t easily have one without the other. Learning how half of the industry works is a good start and will get you along way but will still leave you at a disadvantage. If your budget permits, getting the entire story will pay higher dividends. Finally, it’s suggested that you don’t take both Sessions on the same day… this would be overload. Come back a week later for your second Consulting Session when you’re rested and the material from your first Session is still fresh in your mind.

What will I get out of my Consulting Session(s)?
You will receive a deep understanding of your chosen Subject Area (See above and our Services Page). You will learn the rules and practices that govern the Music Business and Entertainment Industry and be able to make informed decisions based on your new knowledge. You even will be able to give a specific answer to a Booking Agent, Music Manager, Venue Operator, Music Publisher or Record Company when asked, “What kind of deal are you looking for?” In short, you’ll receive a great amount of the same knowledge and understanding of the business that the industry leaders already have and this, in turn, will level the playing field. It has been said that, “Knowledge Is The Key To Success.” If this is true, the rest is simple.

Will you provide me with contacts in the Music Business?
No, we won’t. We give you knowledge and understanding. We also will help devise a plan that fits your circumstances, but we don’t do the work for you or provide contacts. Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC doesn’t wish to be associated with unscrupulous companies that promise to put Artists and Songwriters "in the spotlight" nor do we want anyone to think we will make them into a "Star" or their song into a "Hit." Once again, we are consultants who provide knowledge to those who want to better navigate themselves through the shark infested waters of the Music Business.

Do you Manage, Promote or Book acts?
No, we don’t. The reason for this is given immediately above.

Can you help me find a Music Manager, Promoter or Booking Agent?
No, we can’t and Yes we can. Sound confusing? Let us explain: We won’t get you a Music Manager, Promoter or Booking Agent for the reasons given above. We will, however, give you the information you need to attract professionals such as these. We will also provide you with the know-how necessary to perform these services for yourself if you would rather not pay their commissions.

Do You help Songwriters write better songs?
Yes, we can help you by referring you to our Sister Company, “Nashville Song Evaluation, LLC” which was born out of the same need as was Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC. Nashville Song Evaluation works one-on-one with Writers who would like someone on the outside to look at their Songs and make helpful suggestions on how they might be strengthened. NSE offers helpful suggestions and Songwriting Tips that add power, clarity and emotion to a song. Is your Song as strong as you think? Can your Song benefit from an outside opinion before you submit it to Music Publishers, Record Companies or Music Managers? For more information on their services, go to

Will you publish or promote my songs?
No, but we will show you how to do it. For the same reasons stated, we don’t want to make any promises that we will Publish or promote your Song. (See Above: Can you help me find a Music Manager, Promoter or Booking Agent?) Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC does not attempt to lure Artists or Songwriters by making vague or empty claims. We prefer to be straight forward with our clients and allow the sharks to feed elsewhere.

What Guarantees do you offer?
We promise to give you a deeper understanding of the Music and Entertainment Industries within the confines of your chosen Subject Area and as outlined on our Services Page. We will do this by utilizing a one-on-one private Consulting Session either over the phone or in person in our office. During your Session, you may ask, and we will answer to the best of our ability, all the relative questions you would like. We will not, however, promote you as an Artist or Songwriter.

Why should I consider setting up a Consulting Session with Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC?
So you can improve your position in the competitive Music and Entertainment Industries. Although some Artists and Songwriters make it to the top by their talents alone, most arrive by understanding the intricacies of the business and by mapping out a doable strategy. A young man may hit a ball with a bat better than most but he will never play Baseball with the big boys if he doesn’t know the rules. Artists and Writers might be good at what they do but they won’t build much of a career unless they read the directions. Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC will help you learn what you need to know. Get The Advantage...Contact Us today.

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