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How to get Band Jobs, getting a Recording Contract, and finding a Booking Agent or Music Manager are the types of things Artists have to think about if they are to succeed in today’s competitive Music Business and Entertainment Industry. Signing a Record Deal, getting Band Gigs or landing a Music Publishing Contract has never been more difficult. Even the art of finding the right Booking Agent or Music Manager can be daunting for most Bands or single Artists. As if all of this isn’t overwhelming enough, trying to figure out how to get Music Business Attorneys or Entertainment Lawyers that are affordable to do this kind of work for you is all but impossible.

At Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC, we have learned that there are two central obstacles standing between artists and their success: (1) lack of understanding of how the Music Industry works and (2) the lack of a well thought out plan. Whether you’re a Songwriter who wants to learn how to get a Music Publishing Contract or a Performing Artist looking for new ways on how to promote your Band, knowing the rules of how the game is played and having a clear strategy will help you achieve your goal. We believe that success in the Music Business is no mistake. Instead, it’s the result of knowledge and ruthless planning.

Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC is the brainchild of Recording Engineer, Producer and Music Business Educator Eric T. Schabacker. "It's amazing to see the difference an understanding of this business can make in the careers of Performing Artists and Songwriters. What I don't understand is why it takes so long for them to do something about it," says Schabacker. “It’s really not rocket science...those who succeed in this business are those who have taken the time to learn’s really that simple.”

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