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“Great Songs are what make the Music and Entertainment Industry. Without
them, we would all have to turn off the stage lights and go home.”

Please read the overview of Nashville Song Evaluation below or refer to our website for detailed information.

It All Starts With A Song...
Nashville Song Evaluation, LLC is a sister company of Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC. Its focus is to help Songwriters polish their songs by reviewing their lyrics and music (if any) during a one-on-one Evaluation Session. Private Sessions like these are held between the Songwriter and one of our award winning professional writers. They are conducted by appointment over the telephone or in person at our office.

One of the recurring mistakes that Songwriters make today is their believing their songs are so strong that they couldn’t benefit from a little outside polish. Unfortunately, as many writers later find out, most of the Music Publishing and Record Companies they show their songs to disagree. Because the Song itself can make or break a Performing Act and make all the difference in the world between getting a contract or not, we feel every song deserves a second look. We believe the entire music industry is based on Songs and that Songwriters and the Artists who perform them have enough to overcome in the Music Industry without adding weak Songs to the mix. In the Entertainment Business, you only get one chance to make your first impression and it has to be a good one. There is no faster way to burn bridges and permanently close doors than to play weak Songs on stage or in the offices of a Music Publisher or Record Company.

What Goes on During a Song Evaluation?
An Evaluation Session usually takes about a half an hour per song. During the appointment, a member of our staff will go over your Song with you verse by verse. Your choruses will be examined as well as the song’s structure, rhyme, concept, message and clarity. Reciprocity, melodic structure and arrangements will be covered as will the overall emotional impact of the Song on the listener. (Lyrics can be evaluated whether or not you have music.) During the Song Evaluation Session, you are free to ask as many questions as you would like relating to your composition.

When your Evaluation Session is over, you are encouraged to take what you have learned and incorporate it in any of your subsequent re-writes. If you’re not willing to consider giving your Song(s) a “touch up” re-write, then Nashville Song Evaluation is not the right choice for you. We don’t believe Songs get stronger by themselves.

Nashville Song Evaluation evaluates Songs in an effort to help the Songwriter view their songs from somebody else’s perspective. We hope that the suggestions and Song Tips we offer will help Writers improve their position in the market place. We do not re-write Songs for anyone nor do we co-write. We also do not Promote, Publish or Record Songs or provide contact information. In short, we only evaluate Songs as outlined above. Writers and Artists who would like to know more about how to promote themselves and their music or would like to know more about how the Music Industry works are encouraged to contact Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC which offers private Consulting Sessions covering these and other topics.

For in depth information about Nashville Song Evaluation, its cost and FAQs, please visit

“Signing a Recording Contract or Music Publishing Contract depends
on the strength of the Song …Nothing more, nothing less. After all, great
songs outlive great performers.”

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