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“With the Music Industry and Entertainment Business changing at an ever
accelerating rate, Music Business Consultation, Music Business Advisors,
Entertainment Industry Education, and Entertainment Seminars and Schools have
become as necessary to Artists as the instruments they play and the Songs they
Write. Thinking that talent without knowledge and a well thought out business
plan will take you to the top is dinosauric in this time and age.”

Services Rendered

With Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC, Musicians and Songwriters who desire success in the Music Business and Entertainment Industry can receive private consulting services from Eric T. Schabacker, an accomplished veteran of today’s music scene. Consultations such as these can catapult your act on to stages you thought were unattainable, provide incomes that were only imaginable and put you before the eyes of Record Labels. If you're a Songwriter, consulting with us coupled with your hard work, will get you in front of Music Publishers and Artists who are looking for songs.

There are two main Subject Areas that we at Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC feel deserve your attention. The first deals with Performers...either Groups or Soloists. The other focuses on intellectual property...namely Songs and those who write them.

Below is a very general outline of the contents of each of the current consultation Subject Areas being offered by Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC. Each Subject Area offers a great deal more information than one might think. For that reason, it is suggested that only one subject area be tackled at a time. If you think both Subject Areas apply to you, take them on different days to avoid overload.

Subject Area One
For Bands and Solo Performers
2 Hour Consulting Session.
Cost: $125.00

Ever wonder why some Acts seem to work all the time while others stay home and practice? Do you know why acts that aren’t as strong as yours are getting Record Deals and you’re not? Some say it’s who you know...At Advantage Music Business Consulting, LLC we believe it’s what you know! Subject Area One for Bands and Solo Artists may not look like much but, you’ll learn things you’ve never thought about and strategies that will pay dividends over the entire span of your career.

  • How to form the proper business entity for your Act and how to protect its name.
  • How to get Band gigs. An in depth look at how to promote your Band or Act, how to build a fan base, how to get more gigs for your Band and how to get paid more. This section devotes about an hour to teaching you what you need to know to get the jobs you deserve.
  • Putting the internet to work for you and your bank account.
  • Producing and marketing CDs and other merchandise for profit.
  • How to get a Recording Contract. Hints on what you must do to get the attention of Record Labels. Getting a Record Deal doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Subject Area Two
For Songwriters
2 Hour Consulting Session
Cost: $125.00
Sooner or later, every successful artist learns the value of a great Song...after all, It’s a Hit Song that makes a Hit Act. But how does a song translate into dollars? How do Song Royalties flow and how do Songwriters tap into the pipeline? What does it mean to get a Music Publishing Contract? Understanding Intellectual Property Rights is a must for every songwriter.

  • Copyrights. The history and proper use of Copyrights are demystified in this session. Think you know it all already? We bet that you don’t.
  • Music Publishing Contracts. What they mean and what they will cost you.
  • Performance Rights Organizations. Why you need them more than they need you.
  • Song Royalties. Royalties come to the writer from many sources through various means. If you don’t know and practice this subject, you’re dead in the water before you start.
  • Double Dipping. How to get paid twice for the same use of a Song...Too good to be true?

Which subject area is best for you?
Whether you're both a performer and writer or not, it is suggested that you still consult in both Subject Areas outlined above. The Reason?

If you’re a Performer and don’t write Songs, it’s advisable for you to know Writers who can feed you “never before Recorded Material.” Because of this, it would behoove you to understand the world of Music Publishers and the Writers they represent. How else would you know where to look for great Songs? How would you know how much to pay and who to pay for the use of their Songs?

Likewise, if you are a nonperforming songwriter, wouldn’t it be nice to learn more about those who are looking for Songs and the circumstances surrounding their careers? Your song’s success might well depend on information like this.

The cost of Education in this Business is a fraction of what is spent on equipment and Song Demos, but the dividends are often hundreds of times higher. The time and need for a Music Industry Education has never been more pressing.

What should you expect?
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