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Whether you’re a Songwriter who wants to learn how to get a Music Publishing Contract or a Performing Artist looking for new ways on how to promote your Band, Advantage Music Business Consultants will help you achieve your goal.

Professional Music Consultant Services
Music business consultations include two different subject areas; one session for bands or solo performers and the other which focuses on songwriters and their intellectual property. The time and need for a Music Industry Education has never been more pressing.

Meet Your Music Consultant
Advantage Music Business Consultants is the brainchild of Eric T. Schabacker, a record producer, recording engineer, songwriter, music publisher and booking agent. Your consultation will be a one on one in person or telephone meeting with Eric and will cover any of the subjects outlined on our Services Page.

Songwriter & Musician Business Consulting Session
During your consulting session you will have a chance to tell your consultant about your particular situation. He will then tailor your consultation to address your needs. You may ask as many questions as you wish pertaining to the subject at hand during your consultation.

Take the Test for Music Business
What must you do to obtain a Copyright on your original song? When playing a gig, who should you try to impress the most? At what stage in your career would you look for a Booking Agent? As a Band Member, Single Artist or Songwriter can you answer these questions and more?

Nashville Song Evaluation LLC
Nashville Song Evaluation's focus is to help Songwriters polish their songs by reviewing their lyrics and music during a one-on-one Evaluation Session. During the appointment, a member of our staff will go over your Song with you verse by verse. Reciprocity, melodic structure and arrangements will be covered as will the overall emotional impact of the Song on the listener.

FAQ for Recording Artists & Songwriters
Some frequently asked questions include: What Subject Areas are covered in Consulting Sessions? Will you provide me with contacts in the Music Business? What Subject Areas are covered in Consulting Sessions? And, why should I consider setting up a Consulting Session with Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC?

Contact Eric T. Schabacker
With just one or two private Consulting Sessions, you will gain enough knowledge about the Music Industry and Entertainment Business to get you a long way down the road towards success. Songwriters and Performers will have the information necessary to work with the pros on a level playing field.

Winterwood Recording Studios
As a sister company to Advantage Music Business Consultants, LLC, Winterwood Recording Studios, LLC has been providing quality recording services since 1995. Before that, its owner presided over Bee Jay Recording Studios, Inc in Orlando where they worked with hit artists as long ago as 1972.

  • Full Multi Track Recording Services
    Pro Studios offer serious Artists and Writers the opportunity to focus on their music while reaching quality standards unattainable at home. Winterwood Recording Studios LLC takes pride in providing a creative environment that is technologically second to none.
  • Studio Mixing of Outside Projects
    There is a vast difference between actually laying down tracks and Mixing. Of those who have done both, most will agree Sound Mixing offers a much greater challenge and demands far more skill than basic tracking.
  • Studio Editing of Outside Projects
    Whether background vocals need tightening, drum tracks need sliding, sibilance needs taming or the entire arrangement of the song needs to be changed, the Winterwood staff can clean up your tracks before you start to mix.
  • Recording Studio Audio Restoration
    Whether it’s an old Record, Tape or Wire Recordings, they can be cleaned up, De-Clicked, De-Noised, and Sonically Enhanced before being transferred to CD. Have an old Mono Recording you would like us to turn into Stereo...We can do it!
  • Full Production Recording Services
    At Winterwood Studios, we are very sensitive to the feelings of Artists. We never jump in and take over a session nor do we expect an Artist to do things our way. On the other hand, we have been making recordings for a very long time and have quite a few hits under our belt. If an Artist would rather not use our production team, there’s no problem.

Disclaimer for Advantage Music Business Consultants LLC
When it comes to knowing the Music Business and Entertainment Industry, sometimes first hand experience is more valuable than a law degree. If you need a legal opinion, you need an Entertainment Attorney. If you need someone to show you how to get Band Gigs or how to position yourself to get a Record Deal, get the Advantage and call us.

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