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Winterwood Recording Studios
Full Multi Track Recording Services | Studio Editing of Outside Projects | Recording Studio Audio Restoration | Full Production Recording Services

“Finding a Record Deal or getting the attention of an A&R person at a Record
Label deserves the best recording and mix possible. Recording Company executives
who hand out Recording Contracts want to hear something great...Not excuses.”

Mixing Of Outside Projects
Mixing an audio project, Winterwood Recording Studios
Mixing a Project takes both
Skill & Knowledge
Anyone who has spent even a little time making Recordings of their own can tell you there is a vast difference between actually laying down tracks and Mixing. Of those who have done both, most will agree Sound Mixing offers a much greater challenge and demands far more skill than basic tracking. This is when all the elements of the Song, its Performance and its individual parts are brought together to create what every one hopes will be a monster hit. A poor Audio Mix of a great song can leave it dead on the control room floor.

Artists and Writers who prefer to Record at home can often lay tracks down reasonably well but often can’t get the Mix the song justly deserves. Although there could be a multitude of reasons for a poor Mix, it usually comes down to the lack of experience of the person doing it. It should be obvious that someone who has Mixed a thousand projects will deliver a better mix than someone who has less than a hundred CDs under their belt.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project and no matter where it was recorded, Winterwood Studios will gladly Mix it for you. For details on how we can bring out the best from your tracks, please Contact Us.

Please go to for an in depth view of their credits, services, and facilities. Also, check out Winterwood Lakeside Cottage for overnight accommodations while recording.

“Getting a Recording Contract isn’t something that just happens. Getting
a Recording Deal is the result of hard work, great Songs and an
outstanding Recording and Mix”

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Winterwood Recording Studios
| Full Multi Track Recording Services | Studio Mixing of Outside Projects
Studio Editing of Outside Projects
| Recording Studio Audio Restoration | Full Production Recording Services

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